Jerry & the singing goffs - sprirt-filled six pack - I ll See You In The Rapture - Jerry & The Singing Goffs.

Pigeon Forge TN (November 3, 2015) – The 2015 k hosted a very special evening on Monday, November 2nd. Lou Wills Hildreth and all of Creekside honored Dr. Jerry Goff and the Singing Goffs during the Monday evening se gment of  the four-day event at Pigeon Forge TN, happening now November 5th, 2015.
Jerry and the Singing Goffs were well known for their great singing, performance of songs that still are being sung today, and the communication excellence of Dr. Jerry Goff. One of best-known lineups was Jerry Goff, Tank Tackett and Bill Dykes. Other members included Barry Hess, Gary Buckles, Art Ross, Wally Goff, Bobby Howard, Gary Valentine, Dave Thomas, David Harvell, Dave Rowland, David Hoskins and Gene Jones, among had several hits including “I’ll See You In The Rapture,” “Please Search The Book Again” and “I Am Blessed.” The most memorable part of their concerts was when Dr. Goff brought out his trumpet and thrilled the audience with his playing.
“Wow!” said Dr. Jerry Goff. “I was truly excited to learn about a night to honor The Singing Goffs at the Creekside Gospel Convention, but it’s also humbling to receive such honor from your peers. They are the ones who know you best.”
Lou Hildreth, part of the legendary Wills Family, remarked, “It gives me great pleasure to honor my longtime friends, Jerry and the Singing Goffs. Dr. Jerry Goff is known and respected by the Gospel music industry and fans as a great singer, an MC who set the banner high, a preacher of the gospel, a television legend and pioneer, a trumpet player who left us overwhelmed with the beauty of the moment, a songwriter who expressed our deepest concerns, and a Godly man who consistently presented top talent as Jerry and The Goffs.”
Rob Patz, Publisher of SGN Scoops noted, “We are so happy to welcome Dr. Jerry Goff to Creekside. He and his group made inroads in Gospel music and a night to honor them is long overdue. We are thrilled that so many of his friends, fans and family were able to travel to Pigeon Forge for this event.”
Creekside Gospel Music Convention began November 2nd at the Smoky Mountain Convention Center. Daily showcases, jam sessions, nightly concerts and Midnight Prayer are all scheduled from now until Thursday night. The 2015 Diamond Awards are held on Tuesday, November 3rd. For more information on tickets call Rob Patz at .

Jerry & The Singing Goffs - Sprirt-Filled Six PackJerry & The Singing Goffs - Sprirt-Filled Six PackJerry & The Singing Goffs - Sprirt-Filled Six PackJerry & The Singing Goffs - Sprirt-Filled Six Pack